SUP Baptism

SUP Baptism: Duration – 1.30h 

This is where you start and is perfect for first timers. SUP is all about connecting your body to your paddle through your paddle stroke and eventually timing that stroke to connect you to the energy in the water that is all around you. Sounds cool, right? Well, it is! Your first lesson gets your feet on the board and launches you onto the learning curve!

In this course you will learn:

  • Learn about the equipment
  • Water safety
  • Learn to paddle on the sand “Sand Art”and see what your stroke feels like before you get on the water: front stroke, stopping and back stroke, bracing for stability, basic turns for board control in 360 degrees.
  • Forward stroke – easy to follow tips to move the power through your arms and into your core.
  • How to pick up and carry your board and paddle.
  • Water entry for flat water or with some mellow waves.
  • Knee paddle and self-rescue techniques while you acclimate to the water and apply what you learned on the sand.
  • Practice basic skills: paddling in a straight line, staying still, 360 turns.
  • Learn to read the water for wind and wave directions.
  • How to get to your feet and correct foot position.
  • Learn balance and how to create and control your momentum.
  • Build your confidence and practice what you’ve learned in the water.
  • Finally, dismount and landings.
  • Congratulations on completing your SUP baptism!

Private Lesson – 35€
Group Lesson – 25€

Price includes:
Insurance / Board / Paddle
Maximum of 6 people

SUP Flat Water

SUP Flat Water: Duration 4h – 2 days 

Now that you can synchronize your stroke with your whole body, learn to time your stroke and capture some of that wind and wave energy available on the water – this is what stand up paddling is all about!

In this course you will learn:

  • Pre- paddle warm up exercises
  • Level II stroke review – reading the wind and waves!
  • Pivot turns
  • Stroke skill drills for each stroke phase: catch, power phase, release and return
  • Walking on your board
  • Stroke timing – connecting to the energy within the water
  • Downwind Paddling
  • Paddling upwind – speed drills
  • Self rescue techniques
  • Strength and confidence drills with on board calisthenics
  • Put it all together and prep for the surf and open ocean

Private Lesson – 140€

Group Lesson – 100€

Price Includes:
Insurance / Board / Paddle / Leash
Maximum of 6 people

SUP Waves

SUP Waves: Duration 4h – 2 days

On this SUP wave course our objective is for the student to acquire sufficient knowledge to take waves and enjoy them. This wave course is done in our school, the waves are mellow and easy going, like this you will get all the confidence you need to get started, an instructor will always be with you.

In this course you will learn:

  • How to use a leash.
  • How to choose the right spot to go in and right waves to ride.
  • Learn the different positions for paddling out in the waves, waiting for a wave in the line-up and then for catching a wave.
  • Learn how to catch a wave and maintain your balance whilst riding one.
  • Learn the different angles to catch a wave.
  • Learn the different paddling techniques used in waves.
  • Safe surf techniques.
  • Wave priorities and preferences.
  • Dangers and things to be aware of when using a SUP in waves (collisions , water depth, currents).
  • Learn how to do cutbacks and bottom-turns on the wave.

Private Lesson –140€
Group Lesson – 100€

Price Includes:
Ensurance / Board / Paddle / Leash
Maximum of 4 people in our Waves Course

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